The History of Skateboarding

Skateboarding started in the 1950’s. It was created in California for people to surf the concrete streets. These first “skateboarders” started with wooden boxes attached to  a 30 inch two-by-four with roller skate wheels attached at the on the bottom. It was a sport just being born, so anything worked.


In 1963, skateboarding became a big hobby which is when its popularity peaked, and skateboard companies started holding competitions. At this time, skateboarding was mostly either downhill slalom or freestyle competition. The kind of skateboarding tricks that were performed at this time looked almost completely different from what skateboarding looks like today. The style of skateboarding at the time was called “freestyle” and is more like dancing ballet or ice skating with a skateboard.

After all that hype about skateboarding the popularity decreased a lot in 1965. Everyone just thought it was a trend or fad that died out. Skateboard companies started shutting down production, and those who were still dedicated to the sport had to again make their own skateboards from scratch. As time went on parts became more and more difficult to find, which meant many homemade boards were put together by the dedicated skaters. They used anything they could find to put a skateboard together.

When the 90’s came skateboarding started to regain its popularity, this time with an edgier, more dangerous attitude. As the 90’s continued into 2000, so did the rise in popularity for skateboarding, fueling more and more commercialized skateboarding competitions like the X Games. As time goes on, skateboarding is seen more in the media pulling skateboarding more into the mainstream. The advantages to this is the money being pumped into the skateboarding industry, which is creating more skate parks, better skateboards, and more skateboarding companies to keep innovating and inventing new things.


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